The best book ever written in the field of loss and grief
-Dr. Howard J. Clinebell, Jr

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Life After Loss



Rev. Bob Deits
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Chapter list:

  1. Loss and the Mourning After
  2. First Responses to a Major Loss
  3. Getting Back on Your Feet
  4. Perception
  5. Sudden Loss or Prolonged Loss?
  6. Step to Recovery
  7. The Inward Search
  8. Four Key Facts about Grief
  9. Start Now!
  10. Grief and Growth
  11. A Test of Endurance
  12. Beliefs that Help or Hurt
  13. Quiet Losses
  14. Children and Grief
  15. Losses in Later Life
  16. Making New Discoveries
  17. Significant Points along the Way
  18. Choosing to Life Again
  19. Opening New Doors
  20. Your Own Best Friend
  21. Preparing for Loss
             A. The Role of Nutrition in Grief Recovery
             B. Words that Describe Feelings
             C. Forming a Support Group

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Seminar Information:

Speaking Engagements

To schedule a speaking engagement, please contact me by email at or by telephone at 480-396-4838.

Presentation Topics

The following topics are addressed by Bob and June Deits at seminars, workshops and conferences:

  1. Life After Loss (Turning a Miserable Minus Into a Positive Plus)
    (This presentation includes a section by June on Quiet Losses)
  2. Perception (The Key to Healing)
  3. How Do You Fix a Broken Dream?

If your concern is not included in the above list, contact me.

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A Note From Bob:

A Note From Bob

Welcome to our website for Life after Loss.  The 5th edition continues to be available from all major book stores.  You can also order signed copies directly from me. See ordering information.  

It is amazing and humbling to realize that the 1st edition of Life after Loss was published in 1988.  Over the ensuing years, the book has grown in size from 226 pages to 291 pages in the current edition.  It contains a new chapter that has not been in any of the previous editions, plus additions to several other chapters.

There is no quota system to the number of losses we can experience in life.  Learning how to cope with our losses and regain a sense of “normal” is one of the most important skills any of us can develop.  Even when we are not experiencing a major loss ourselves, we know others who are, and we wonder what we can say or do.  Thousands upon thousands of people have been helped by the gift of Life after Loss from a friend or family member.  I am fortunate enough to receive the letters and emails from people who say their lives were saved by getting the book.

The continued wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the specter of terrorism and violent crimes everywhere are continually before us, creating anxiety and fear.  Among the major losses we face is the loss of control over important factors in our lives, including economic security. 15,000,000 people in the United States have Alzheimer’s Disease, including my wife.

In the pages of the new 5th edition of Life after loss you will find guidance to help you avoid making the most difficult task any of us faces worse than it already is. The stories you read are the real stories of real people.  Unless permission was given to use real names, I have used fictitious names to protect identities.

The website contains a list of topics that I present at workshops, seminars and conferences.  I have spoken at numerous churches, hospitals and gatherings sponsored by hospice agencies.  If you are interested in an engagement in your area, please contact me.

Bob Deits

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About the Author:

Biographical Sketch

Bob & June Deits

Bob Deits has been a pastor in the United Methodist Church for 47 years.  For the past 33 years he has specialized in helping people cope with major loss experiences.

His book, Life After Loss, has become a classic in the field of loss and grief.  It is highly respected by professionals and deeply appreciated by those who have experienced a major loss.  The scope of the book covers death, divorce, job loss, relocation and other experiences of loss.  Sales of the book exceed 125,000 copies.  It is translated into seven foreign languages (German, Spanish, Chinese, French, Russian, Greek and Hebrew). This year marks the 21st anniversary of the first publication. The current fifth edition was published in May, 2009

Bob is a frequent speaker and Conference Leader on a wide variety of subjects related to the many aspects of loss and grief recovery.  He does training sessions for hospice workers, nurses, Stephen Ministry programs, grief support group leaders, military chaplains and others.  He has appeared on nationally syndicated radio and television programs.

Bob is a graduate of California State College, Los Angeles.  He holds a Master of Theology degree from the Claremont California School of Theology in pastoral counseling and psychology.

June Deits

Bob’s wife, June, joined him in the past to speak at seminars and conferences.  She is no longer able to do that due to Alzheimer’s Disease.  June wrote a chapter in Life after Loss that addresses the challenge of losses that are more difficult to talk about—including being the victim of childhood sexual abuse, the loss of body parts due to surgery and the effects of dementia.  June is a 17 year survivor of breast cancer.  She served as a Reach to Recovery Volunteer for the American Cancer Society for several years..  Over the course of 13 years she raised $85,000 for the American Cancer Society through a Daffodil Sunday program she instituted at Velda Rose United Methodist Church. In 1999 she was honored by Macy’s Department Stores as one of the 7 most influential women in Phoenix area.

She and Bob live in Mesa, Arizona.  They celebrated their 59th anniversary on March 15, 2011

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Ordering Information:

A single copy of Life after Loss, signed by Bob is $13.75, plus $2.25 shipping.  Send checks payable to Bob Deits at 1803 N 59th Circle, Mesa, AZ 85205.  For orders of 30 copies or more, please contact Bob by email or telephone.


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